Editing Questions in Test Pools Throws an Error

Issue Description: Editing test pools throws an error when the pools were not created in Blackboard. This is not a bug on Blackboard’s side, but instead on the publisher side. The XML structure generated by Blackboard has a ‘feedback’ XML element related to every possible answer, as well as a ‘feedback’ XML element at the question level. The error shows the feedback answer element is missing from the XML structure of the question.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Log in to Blackboard as administrator.
  2. Navigate to Course.
  3. Click Course Tools > Tests, Surveys, and Pools > Pools
  4. Click the chevron next to a test pool.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Click the chevron next to any of the questions.
  7. Click Edit.

Expected Result:
The test pool edit page opens.

Observed Result:
An error occurred. Contact the System Administrator.

Any question that needs to edited will have to be recreated by adding a new question to the pool.

Target Release: 9.1 SP15

Student Discussion Forum Posts Containing YouTube Videos Do Not Display Correctly

Issue Description: When a student embeds a YouTube video into a discussion forum post either via the YouTube mashup or the Video Everywhere tool, nothing displays after the embedded video. This include the information on the video (title, duration, source, etc.), any text typed by the student after the video, and action button such as Reply. This issue is not encountered when an instructor embeds a YouTube video.

Steps to Repeat:

  1. 1. As a student open a discussion forum.
  2. 2. Create a new thread or reply to an existing thread.
  3. 3. Type some text in the message.
  4. 4. Select YouTube Video from the Mashups menu.
  5. 5. Enter a search term and click Go.
  6. 6. Click Select for one of the videos returned in the search.
  7. 7. On the Create Mashup Item page, select Embed Video from the View drop-down menu.
  8. 8. Submit.
  9. 9. Type additional text after the embedded video.
  10. 10. Submit.

Observed behavior:
No text is displayed after the YouTube video.  The Reply button and other action buttons at the bottom of the post are not accessible.

Expected behavior:
Both the text before and after the video is viewable and the Reply button and other action buttons are accessible.


When using the Mashup tool have the students select the Text Link with Player option. Or have them copy and paste the URL from YouTube into the Discussion post.


Non-Fatal Errors During Course Export or Archive Result in e-mail Notification Reporting job Failed

Issue Description:
After an instructor starts a course export or a course archive, the task is queued and the instructor receives an e-mail when the task has been processed. If a non-fatal error is encountered during the export/archive the e-mail received by the user indicates in the subject line that the export/archive failed and in the body of the message states, “The requested operation failed and could not be completed.”

Steps to Repeat:

  1. Go to Courses
  2. Go to Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Export/Archive Course
  3. Select either Export or Archive
  4. On the options page ensure that Copy links and include copies of the files in the course default directory is selected for Course Files Default Directory.
  5. Click the Select All button.
  6. Click Submit
    The message “Success: This action has been queued. An email will be sent when the process is complete.” should display at the top of the screen
  7. Once the e-mail has been received, reload the Export/Archive course page and observe that there is a .zip package available which can be downloaded

Observed behavior:
The subject of the e-mail is “Export Failed: <course_id> could not be completed.”  The body of the message states, “The requested operation failed and could not be completed.  Contact the System Administrator for more information.” and list the individual errors encountered.

Expected behavior:
The subject of the e-mail does not indicate failure.  The body of the messages states, “The operation has completed.  The file may be downloaded from the Control Panel.” but still lists any individual errors encountered.  The subject of the e-mail does not indicate failure.  The body of the messages states, “The operation has completed.  The file may be downloaded from the Control Panel.” but still lists any individual errors encountered.

The export/archive should have completed, reload the export/archive page in the course you started the export/archive. There you should find the download link.

Target Release: 9.1 SP15

Course Item Tracking Report Takes a Long Time to Render for Courses with 40 or more Enrollments

Issue Description: Generation of reports run really slow when the course contains a large number of users. No functionality is broken here, as the reports are eventually displayed, but they can take several minutes to render.

Steps to Repeat:

  1. Enter to any course with at least 40 students enrolled
  2. Create a content item and in options, click “Yes” to “Track Number of Views”
  3. Submit
  4. After some days (a week or so), access the course item as Instructor
  5. Click the contextual menu for that item and choose “View Statistics Report”
  6. Select 40 or more users from the list and a period of time of 2-3 weeks

Expected Result:  
The course statistics should display.

Observed Result:
It takes several minutes for the report to be displayed.

Target Release: 9.1 SP15


Grades do not register in Grade Center when using Save and Next

Issue Description: When an assessment has auto-graded questions like True/False with a Timer with AutoSubmit turned off and multiple students exceed the time limit by more than one minute and an instructor uses the Need Grading feature in the Grade Center and chooses Save and Next through each student without making any changes to the grades, then only the last student’s grades will be saved because Save and Exit was used on the last student.

Steps to Repeat:

  1. Log into a Blackboard
  2.  Navigate to the course control panel and click Grade Center 
  3. Click Needs Grading 
  4. Note the number of students whose attempt needs grading
  5. Click on the first student’s name.
  6. Click Save and Next 
  7. Repeat step 14 until you reach the final student.
  8. Click Save and Exit


Symptoms: When taken back to the Needs Grading page, observe that the last student’s attempt no longer appears here (as it has been graded) but the remaining students’ attempts still do. The Save and Next function is not saving the grades if the grades have not been modified.

Target Release: Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP14

Issue with exporting/importing assessments with Random Block questions

Issue Description: Tests with Random Blocks are experiencing issues when exported/imported into a new course. When attempted, the export/import brings only questions not included in Random Blocks.

Option 1) carries over all tests, surveys and pools:
1) Navigate to your course > Packages and Utilities
2) Export/Archive Course > Export Package
3) Go to section 3 > Select only Tests, Surveys and Pools > Submit
4) Once completed, the export file will be sitting under the Export/Archive Course section
5) Click on the export file to download to your computer
6) Navigate to your new course > Packages and Utilities > Import Package / View Logs
7) Import Package > Go to option 3 and select Tests, Surveys and Pools > Submit

Option 2) only handles a single test and single pool of questions:
1) Navigate to your course > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools
2) Select Tests > Export your test to your local computer
3) Select Pools > Export your pool to your local computer
4) Navigate to your new course > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools
5) Select Tests > Import Test > Browse My Computer for Test > Submit
6) Select Pools > Import Pool > Browse My Computer for Pool > Submit
7) Navigate to your test > Click on the chevron: Edit > Reuse Question Tab > Create Random Block > Select pool and options
8) Under the random block > edit number of questions to display


Searching for Videos in Youtube Mashup Incorrectly Provides 0 Results when Searching “All of the Words”

Issue Description: When searching for YouTube videos using “All of the words” search parameter the search will produce zero results or results not directly relating to your search term.

Steps to Repeat:
1. Navigate to content area and click Build Content > YouTube Video.
2. Ensure search is set to “All of the words”, and enter a search term.

Expected Result:
The search provides multiple results.

Observed Result:

The search provides 0 results.

Resolution/Workaround: As a workaround, users can change the search from “All of the words” to “At least one of the words” for correct results to display.

Target Release: Unknown

Fill in the Multiple Blanks question in a survey causes the Attempt Statistics to error

Issue Description: A Fill in the Multiple Blanks question in a survey causes the Attempt Statistics, which is run from the Grade Center to throw an error. This occurs when there are one or more submissions.

Steps to Repeat:

  1. Log in as an instructor
  2. Navigate to a course
  3. Create a survey with a Fill in the Multiple Blanks question type
  4. Log out
  5. Log in with your demo student account and complete the survey
  6. Log out
  7. Log in with your instructor account
  8. Navigate to the Grade Center, scroll to column with the survey
  9. Select on the actionlink in column title and from menu select on Attempt Statistics

    EXPECTED RESULTS: Attempt Statistics throws an error:

An error occurred. Contact the System Administrator.
OBSERVED RESULTS:  Fill in the Multiple Blanks question in a survey causes attempt statistics to run from the grade center with no errors.

Resolution/Workaround: Issue will be resolved in 9.1 SP14, as a work around you can download the contents of the survey or avoid using Fill in the Multiple Blanks question type.

Target Release: 9.1 SP14

Text Box Editor Spell Checker not Working Correctly Using Firefox on a Mac

Issue Description: The content Editor Spell checker is not working correctly using Firefox on a Mac. When clicking on the red underlined word with the secondary button, the drop down menu of suggestions is only visible while you hold the button down. As soon as the button is released, the menu disappears and there is no way to choose the correct spelling.

Steps to Repeat:

1.Using Firefox, login
2.Navigate to any Course > Click on  Content >  Click on Create Item > Type a text in the VTBE with some incorrect word(s)
3.Click the Checkmark/abc icon to enable the Spell Checker
4.The misspelled word is now underlined in red > right-click mouse does not function correctly so you can click to select the correct word.
5. The drop down menu of suggestions is only visible while you hold the button down. As soon as you let up, the menu disappears and there is no way to choose the correct spelling.

Resolution/Workaround: Workaround:
Use Chrome or Safari.

Target Release: Future Reference
Patch Available: No

Test Results Display Does Not Show Right or Wrong Icons

Issue Description: When displaying the results of an assessment, the red “X” and green checkmark icons for correct and incorrect answers are missing. Students are unable to clearly see which answers are correct/incorrect.

Steps to Repeat:

  1. Access a new created course as the instructor and enroll your demo student in the course.
  2. Create a test with several questions
  3. Edit the test option, make sure only ‘Submitted Answers’ is selected on ‘Test Feedback’ section.
  4. Login as your demo student, take this test and submit.
  5. Then review the test result by clicking ‘ok’ on ‘Test Submitted’ page.

Expected Result: The green check or red x icons should be displayed on the ‘selected answer’.
Observed Result: No icons are displayed on the ‘selected answer’, the student can not know if their answer is correct or incorrect.

Target Release: 9.1 SP13
Patch Available: No


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